WoDG Postcard

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Author: Maven Blue
Column: Behind the Bar
Date: 2014-01-22 15:13:12

The neighborhood used to be a prime social unit in the community. My seasoned barflies tell me there was a time you knew your neighbors. You knew what went on in their lives, you knew their kids, you knew their troubles and their successes. There was interaction. There were few secrets. That’s how the neighborhood functioned. Or at least that’s what I’m told.

Is that so true now?

Do you really know your neighbors?

Not so long ago there was a triple homicide in Corona, Queens. It shocked the sleepy neighborhood and stunned the entire community. The three victims, Cyrus Webb, Angel Burke, and Khalisah Al-Saud, all dead without much explanation. The neighbors didn’t know what to make of the deaths. By all accounts Cyrus and Angel were a quiet couple and nothing ever seemed out of the ordinary.

But nothing could be further than the truth.

Cyrus and Angel lived under false identities that were constructed by Cyrus himself. Forgery was his bread and butter and it wasn’t as simple as producing fake IDs for underage kids wanting to hit the bar scene. He was connected to all the major crime syndicates in the city. And the Angel of death? She was a former nurse who was fired for desecrating corpses in the morgue and had a lust for blood, pain and suffering. The two of them were a match made in hell, both having dark desires -- the Bonnie and Clyde of torture and murder.

What lurked behind closed doors were sex dungeons and human trafficking.

Their prey?

Khalisah Al-Saud. Now she was no saint herself. A Bernard college student studying psychology, she was a student by day and a high end escort by night. In an unfortunate turn of events Khalisah was sold into the seedy underworld of sex trafficking, working in the pens of the Russian mafia. Cyrus and Angel bought her for a song and wove her into their web of perversity. They kept the unfortunate soul captive, drugged, planned to kill her, planed to bring her into the fold, planned to develop a darker nature within her. They wanted to make a lion out of a lamb. She never really had a chance, not under their care and tutelage.  

It turns out that none of them had a chance. The question remains … how did they come to their end? Was it payback from some syndicate? Was it a murder spree gone right? Was it a death pact?

Maybe we’ll never know.

So I ask the question again - how well do you know your neighbors? Could be that it’s time to step out and really find out who lives next door. You never know what or who you might find.