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Main OOC News

Frank Lee15-01-16
Frank Lee24-10-15
Frank Lee14-10-15

Vampire News

Thing 124-09-11

Werewolf News

Thing 128-09-15
Thing 127-09-14
Thing 18-08-12

Mage News

KidEther 27-07-12

Mortal News



Welcome to the Gotham News Network, your IC news leader for World of Darkness Gotham.

GNN is a network of media outlets found in the chronicle setting which acts as the collective IC News source for WoDG. Its content comes from PCs and NPCs associated with media outlets who are strategic partners with GNN.

You can browse the categories listed below, read articles, click on an author's name to view their news column, or simply BROWSE COLUMNS.

GNN Front Page

Elizabeth Hart18-08-13
Elizabeth Hart4-03-13
Community News

GNN articles covering New York City neighborhoods and events.

Drisella Woolford24-04-16
Government and Politics

GNN articles covering government, law, and politics.

Business and Technology

GNN articles covering finance, business, and technology.

Arts and Culture

GNN articles covering art, culture, education, and entertainment.

Drisella Woolford21-02-17
Elizabeth Hart24-01-17

Articles covering opinion pieces and editorials from various GNN contributors.

Maven Blue12-02-14
Maven Blue22-01-14
Maven Blue23-12-13
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